About Us

Fafy’s Legacy

Fafy’s passion for cooking started at the age of six, when she produced her first baby cakes. Being the daughter of an Ambassador and the wife of one, Fafy added to her love for cooking by learning various cooking techniques from the different countries she lived in.

Perfecting national dishes became a hobby from cooking Tanzanian Curry, Chivitos from Uruguay  and Peruvian Ceviche and Anticucho. Besides that Fafy perfected Middle Eastern, Asian and Latin American Cuisines. In the mid 1980s Fafy started to establish her own methods of cooking inventing the most delicious recipes to date.


Encouraged by family and friends, Fafy started her own Kitchen in 1993.  Producing the most appetizing dishes to Egypt’s top community and UAE Royal families. She expanded her business to cater business events, weddings and special occasions.

Though Fafy passed away in Dec 2012, her legacy continues. We aim to continue in Fafy’s steps catering the most exquisite dishes using her unique recipes.