Weddings & Engagements Catering

144 EGP/PERSON Buffet only (we can swap any item with a similar item from the menu)

Salads & Starters

  • Bread basket
  • Chicken endive salad
  • Crab meat Cesar salad
  • Pasta tuna salad
  • Tabula sald
  • Fattush salad
  • Tehina babaghanoug
  • Mezzah platter (mini kobeba – mini samusa – mini safiha)
  • Cheese platter (option for an additional 5 EGP/person)

Main Course

  • Turkey served with rice mixed nuts
  • Veal leg served with vermecilli and mixed nuts
  • Green rice with fish & dill sauce and shrimps
  • Chicken chinese served with glass noodles
  • Fillet café de paris served with sautéed vegetables
  • Pasta farfella with smoked salmon
  • Potato gratin
  • Broccoli gratin
  • Pasta station (option for an additional 10 EGP/person)
  • BBQ station (option for an additional TBD/person)


  • Fruit swissroll
  • Profiterole
  • Crème brule
  • Apple crust
  • Om ali

The above doesn’t include beverages, waiters, covers or seating.

For more information about these wedding catering options,
contact our wedding coordinator.
Mob.: 0122 239 4676